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Community API v1 object index

This page lists Community API v1 objects. Use the Search box to browse Community API v1 methods.

Object Description
Album A container for images and videos
Attachment An uploaded attachment
AvatarImage A user profile avatar image
AuthenticationManager Authenticate users, sign them in and out, and manage user sessions.
Badge A visual reward that community members can earn for completing specific community actions or for achieving important community milestones.
BadgeAssignment A list of Badge objects awarded to a user along with the date the badge was earned
Board Use the Board object to manage a board, retrieve discussions within it, or to get lists of top-rated messages and contributors. A board will be one of the following discussion styles: blog, Q&A board, product review board, idea forum, knowledge base, contest, or board.
Category A container for boards. Categories may have subcategories.
Community Community is the highest level node - all boards, categories, users, rankings, and kudos are contained within your community.
Contacts A list of other users within the community that a user has a relationship with (a contact the user is following, is friends with, or is ignoring). A user's complete list of contacts is referred to as their Address Book.
Coordinates A location on the earth in degrees latitude -90 to +90 (south is negative) & longitude -180 to +180 (west is negative).
Discussion The Discussion resource represents a topic and all of its replies, i.e. a thread. This resource is extended by MessageDiscussion, ImageDiscussion, and ProductDiscussion, which which represent message threads, images and comments on images, and product reviews and comments on those reviews. The MessageDiscussion, ImageDiscussion, and ProductDiscussion resources inherit all of the calls on Discussion, and include additional calls specific to messages, images, or product reviews respectively.
EventSubscription A subscription to an event, such as a post to a certain board.
EventSubscriptionManager Subscribe to events within your Khoros community
Group Groups are similar to boards, but they are built to be user-driven, so that users can create their own groups, moderate their content, and invite other users to participate.
HelpfulnessRatingSummary The number of total helpfulness ratings for a message (regardless of whether the answer was "yes" or "no"), as well as the number of "yes" ratings received.
Image An image that is associated with a community object
ImageAssociation A thin wrapper around an UploadedImage object that captures the message associated with the image.
ImageDiscussion An image and all of its comments/replies.
KudoUserWeightAndTime A user associated with a kudo weight and time from whatever context returned the user.
KudoWeightedUser A user associated with a kudo weight from whatever context returned the user.
Label A tool to categorize a message
Message Messages (aka posts) are the main form of communication on Community boards. Regardless of the discussion style, every posting on a board, group, idea forum, or Q&A board is a message object.
MessageDiscussion A message topic and all of its replies.
MessageReference A reference to a message in a community. It identifies a message, but it does not cause it to be loaded into local memory.
MessageStatus The status of a message
Metrics A Community Admin metric
Metadata A metadata value with a target message
Notification An alert to a user about activity related to messages, topics, and boards the user subscribes too, as well as notifies the user about actions other community members have taken on content that the user has authored
Poll A poll
PollChoice An option in a poll
Product A product in a Product Catelog
ProductCategory A container for Producs
ProductDiscussion A Product (represented as the topic message), all of its reviews (direct replies to the topic), and comments on reviews (direct replies to replies). Community members can subscribe to a product discussion to be alerted of new reviews and comments on reviews.
Rating A 5-star, Helpfulness, or Me Too rating
RatingHistogramEntry A type of rating: 5-star, Helpfulness, or Me Too
RatingsHistogram An object representing how rating values have been distributed across a particular message or product, and to retrieve the average rating received overall. RatingsHistogram is generally used with a 5 star Rating system.
Role Defines the permissions a user has while interacting with community, Studio, or Community Admin
Settings Provides access to an object's settings. Currently, settings are only supported on User and Node types.
StreamedMessage A message returned as part of a streaming view.
Subscription A registration of an interest of a subscriber in an certain item of a certain type, such a message post to a certain board.
Tag A keyword or phrase that describes a topic, theme, or some other element of a post
TagCloudViewer A tag cloud
User A user in the community
UserReference A reference to a user in a community
WeightedMessage This is a utility class for tagging message clouds