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Community API 2.0 object index

This page lists Community API v2 objects. We divide objects into LiQL Collection Objects and Other Objects tables. LiQL Collection Objects can be queried directly in the SELECT statement. The Other Objects, such as Solutions_Data and Revisions, cannot be queried directly in the SELECT statement. These objects are often returned as sub-objects of LiQL Collection Objects. You can only access these objects via a query to the parent object. For example SELECT registration_data FROM users WHERE id = '31'

Note: All LiQL Collection Objects are top-level objects, meaning that you can use them CRUD calls where supported. See the reference documentation for the specific collection to see whether Create, Update, or Delete actions are supported. Some objects in the Other Objects table are also top-level objects. For example, you can create an Abuse_Report with a POST action. Most of the objects in the Other Objects table are nested objects, meaning that they are sub-objects of a parent object.


LiQL Collection Objects

The table below lists Community API v2 LiQL Collection Objects. This objects are the only object that can be queried directly in the SELECT statement of a LiQL query.

Collection Description Released
albums An album is a container for images. 14.10
attachments An attachment on a message 14.10
boards The parent of a conversation (a thread of topic messages and replies) 15.1
bookmarks A user bookmark or global bookmark to a message, conversation (thread), board, category, or label 16.9
categories A container node for boards and sub-categories 15.1
communities A Khoros community 14.10
custom_tags Hidden tags that appear only to certain community members, such as community managers, moderators, or even superusers 14.10
floated_messages A topic message that has been pinned to the top of the board due to importance or commonality 15.11
grouphubs A container node that can include one board of each discussion style, generally centered around a common theme or topic. A group hub can be open to all, closed (requires an invitation or a request to join), or hidden (requires an invitation). 19.6
images A media image asset 14.10
inbox_notes A private message in a community members inbox 15.11
kudos A way for users to give approval to content they like 14.10
labels A label is a construct to create meta-categories for topics as a whole 14.10
me_toos A type of rating that enables a community user to signal that they also have the same question or opinion expressed in a post 14.10
membership_requests A list of membership requests to join a membership node, such as a group hub. 20.1
message_autosaves 20.6
messages A kind of post made to the community using one of the Khoros discussion styles 14.10
metrics A metric for the community, such as number of users online 15.11
nodes A node in the community structure (can be a Board, a Category, or the Community) 16.9
notes_threads A private message thread. 19.10
notification_feeds An alert about an event or on content to which a user subscribes, such as receiving kudos or an update to a discussion thread 15.11
outbox_notes A private message in a community member's outbox 15.11
product_categories A product category is a container for products. 15.3
products A product in a product catalog. Products can be contained in product categories. This resource is used with the Ratings and Reviews and Product Mention features. 15.3
ranks A rank to recognize and reward community members' achievements 14.10
ratings A 5-star rating on a message. For helpfulness ratings use the Tkb_Helpfulness_Rating resource. For Me Too ratings use the Me_Too resource. 14.10
review_comments A direct reply to a product review 15.3
review_dimensions A review that captures not only an overall rating, but also ratings on specific aspects of the product 15.10
review_ratings A five-star rating used specifically with product reviews 15.3
reviews A product review on a community 15.3
roles A mechanism to define the permissions a user has while interacting with community, Studio, or Community Admin 14.10
subscriptions A user subscription or global subscription to a message, conversation (thread), board, category, or label 16.9
tags A construct for community users to provide taxonomy for other community users to use when searching for topics, articles, and so on across the community 14.10
threaded_notes An individual message in a private message thread (a notes_thread object) 19.10
tkb_helpfulness_ratings A rating style available for knowledge base articles that indicates whether or not the article was helpful to a user 14.10
users An anonymous or registered community user 14.10
videos Videos uploaded to the community by users 14.10

Other objects

The table below lists Community API objects that are not collections. These objects cannot be queried as collections in the SELECT statement of a LiQL query.

Some are top-level objects that support Create, Update, and Delete actions. Some are nested objects that are fields of other objects.

Other objects Description Released
abuse_reports A report generated when a member of the community reports a message or image as abusive 14.10
badges A badge is a type of visual reward that community members can earn for completing specific community actions or for achieving important community milestones. 14.10
custom_tag_message_scope The display text and value of a custom tag at the message scope 20.3
invites An invite is an invitation to a membership node 20.01
message_autosave_data 20.8
message_statuses A status used by contests or ideas 14.10
messages_read Data about a message that has been marked read or unread 14.10
moderation_data The moderations sub-collection should be used along with messages collection to update the moderation status of a message, or to get the moderation status of a message. 20.8
prices The price of a product in the product catalog. This resource is used with the Ratings and Reviews and Product Mention features. 18.3
registration_data Details about a user's registration 14.10
review_dimension_ratings A 1-5 star rating given by a customer for a specific aspect of a product, such as Comfort or Durability for a product called Shoe. 15.10
revisions A revision to a message 14.10
simple_rank_criteria A subset of rank criteria field values defined for a rank 14.10
solutions_data Metadata about an accepted solution 14.10
tagged_product_scope An object used with Product Associations. The object includes information such as details about the node in scope, the author who created the product association, and the number of times the association occurs within the node. 18.2
user_context User actions taken on a resource 14.10