Developer Documentation

Welcome to the Khoros Developer Documentation Portal. This is your one-stop shop for customizing and integrating with Community, integrating with Social Media Management, and extracting Lithium Social Intelligence event logs. This portal provides the API reference information to APIs described in the Developer Network, Documentation Knowledge Base, and other areas of the Khoros Community.

We recommend using the Portal on a desktop or tablet device for the best user experience.


What's new?

Important: Release-specific reference documentation for Community API v2 objects becomes available when the Khoros Community upgrades to the latest release version. The upgrade usually occurs one to two weeks after we announce that a new release is available.

Here are the latest additions to our developer documentation:

  • SMM Analytics API: We now support JSON export for all report types (February 2019)
  • SMM Analytics API: We have expanded support for the reportMetrics parameter when generating a report. You can now specify which columns to return for any report you run. (February 2019)
  • FreeMarker: We added the restBuilder FreeMarker context object. This convenience method lets you build a call to the Community API. Compare this to the rest, restadmin, liql, and liqladmin context objects. (19.3)
  • Community API v2: You can now edit and delete attachments on an existing message: (19.3)

Navigating the portal

Here's a quick start to what you can find here. Click Home to return to this page. Sometimes we take you out to articles in the Developers Knowledge Base and the Documentation Knowledge Base. Just use the browser's Back button to return to the portal.

  • APIS - Conceptual material and API documentation for writing back-end logic
  • UI & Design - Reference documentation for your front-end customizations
    • FreeMarker - Reference documentation for Khoros's FreeMarker context objects and directives used to write custom components, custom content, endpoints, page wrappers, and macros
    • Responsive - Guides and reference information for customizing Sass SCSS for Community Responsive skins
  • SDKs & Tools - Tools for customization and performance optimization
    • Plugin SDK - A tool to create your development environment and submit Community plugin customizations to your stage server
    • Android SDK - A toolkit to integrate Community with a native Android app
    • Toolbox - A performance monitoring tool for FreeMarker customizations
  • Authentication - Overview and reference information about the authentication methods used by Khoros products
  • Discuss - Links to the Developers Discussion forum, Developers Knowledge Base, the Documentation Knowledge Base, and the Product Ideas board

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